Monday, May 21, 2012


Ah, I've missed you my sketching comrades! There's half an hour left of this mellow May Monday and I'm ripe with your new theme.  School is out, finals are over and some of our supreme number have passed the final course of their college career.

While some chapters are coming to a close, others are just peeking their heads over a new beginning. Amidst it all, I know every one of you is looking forward to Summer. What is it? The break of the cool pool as you make the first ripple on a sweltering afternoon? The taste of store-bought lemonade sold to you by a neighboring ragamuffin just looking to make a dime? The crisp evening breeze rolling through your loose curls and freshly pressed sundress?

Summer's waiting, and so am I.

That was the best piece of literature I've written, like, ever.

(art by Pascal Campion)

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